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Am I eligible for Blackpoint RISK?

Blackpoint RISK is exclusively available to Blackpoint partners and their customers. If you are not a Blackpoint partner or customer of a Blackpoint partner, please complete this form to get started.

I already have insurance through my general liability insurance policy. Do I need more?

While general liability insurance policies may provide some coverage for cyber incidents, the coverage amount is usually very small and may not provide full coverage for all cyber incidents. We recommend that all businesses purchase a supplemental cyber liability insurance policy. These policies are specifically designed to support and help companies in the event of a cyber incident and offer coverage limits better aligned with the true costs of a cyber incident.

I already have a cyber liability insurance policy. Am I still eligible?

Please contact a Blackpoint RISK insurance representative at to understand your current policy and options.

What is the duration of the cyber liability insurance policy?

All policies are 12 months in duration. Policies may be renewed after the 12-month period. You will be notified before your policy expires so you can renew and maintain continuous coverage.

If I don't know the exact number of records my organization manages or other information during the quote process, should I still submit my request for quotes?

Yes! A Blackpoint RISK insurance representative will review your application and can help you answer any outstanding questions as well as select the best policy for your organization.

I am a non-US registered business. Am I eligible for Blackpoint RISK?

Yes! Please complete this form and a Blackpoint RISK insurance representative will contact you.

How long does the application process typically take?

Applying for coverage options usually takes less than 3 minutes. Policies are typically issued within two weeks, but may take longer depending on whether additional information and/or review is required.

What are the benefits of a Blackpoint RISK offering?

All offerings include a comprehensive set of benefits, including access to breach response consultants and a dedicated claims advocacy practice. In addition, depending on the policy you select, you may also get additional benefits and services, such as:

  • Ransomware cost calculator: Access to a calculator that provides estimates for the financial loss a business would endure for a hypothetical shutdown of 15 days, 30 days, and 60 days.

  • Phishing-focused training: Access to an eLearning tool that tackles the human vulnerabilities in your business, equipping your team to identify and prevent phishing attacks and other social engineering campaigns.

  • Cyber risk awareness videos: Access to a large library of fun and engaging cyber risk awareness videos that cover a wide variety of scenarios, from business email compromise to cryptojacking.

  • Risk management training: Access to a portal that provides risk management training and learning resources, including incident roadmaps, news center, risk manager tools, and external risk resources.

  • Cyber incident response mobile app: An award-winning incident response app provides policyholders with easy access to a 24/7 global cyber incident response center. At the click of a button, users can report incidents, notify claims and request urgent assistance at any time of the day or night. The app also includes a wide array of additional features such as custom notifications and incident response team management.

  • Cyber risk rating report: A review of key features of your company’s internet presence on request, including a cyber security rating, allowing you to benchmark yourself against peers and competitors. Includes 14-day trial access to the service provider’s online portal.

  • Dynamic loss prevention report: A report produced through a non-intrusive scan of an organization’s external-facing IT security systems. The report includes an overall score of IT security and a benchmark based on the industry class and size of the organization. The report also provides more specific recommendations for things like out-of-date software, the use or non-use of certain security tools, and more.

  • Breach alerts: Breach monitoring service that continually searches the dark web for information specific to your organization and alerts you in real-time to possible breaches of your data.

  • Automated security assessments: An automated assessment of security strength and financial exposure during the quote process. Then, quarterly updates to identify any changes in risk or cyber posture.

Is Blackpoint RISK underwriting the insurance policies?

Blackpoint spent over a year working with various insurance brokers and underwriters to find the best fit and prices. The insurance policies are underwritten by leading insurance underwriters who will be identified during the quote process and before any policy is issued.

Is Blackpoint RISK licensed to offer insurance products?

Yes, Blackpoint RISK is fully-licensed to offer insurance products.

Blackpoint RISK is offered in partnership with NFP, a leading insurance brokerage and consulting firm


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